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How to Take Care of a Mandarin Goby Fish

A plethora of apartments have aquariums, which makes the house to look fantastic. In case you have purchased a saltwater aquarium, you should buy a mandarin goby fish. The fish is very attractive, and it will improve the general outlook of your home. The mandarin goby fish is a saltwater fish, whose body has a plethora of colors. The best way to differentiate the fish is that they have different patterns. The right place to get this fish is the Pacific Ocean, but you can purchase them from any fish shop you like. When you follow this interesting blog post, you will be guided on the best way to handle a mandarin goby fish.

The lifespan of a mandarin goby fish will depend on how you treat them. The fish has a shy personality and always have caves in the aquarium. They have a good temperament, which means that you can keep them with other types of fish. The goby fish is slow, and all the time they are searching for food. However, when placing the fish, ensure that the males are on spate tanks. The males usually fight against each other. When you follow this interesting blog post, you will realize that one male fish should be coupled up with one female fish.

The primary type of food for the goby fish is small snails, fish eggs and worms. As noticed in this interesting blog post, the mandarin fish can eat for a whole day. In the prehistoric days, this fish used to eat copepods. However, they would starve to death after eating all the copepods. Another example of foods that can be consumed by the fish include brine shrimp and the frozen Mysis shrimp. Thawing the food is necessary before feeding the fish. This will maintain the temperature of the tank.

Ensure that the aquarium tank has twenty gallons of water. If you continue to read this interesting blog post you will realize that the best temperature for the fish is eighty-two degrees. Assess the temperature of the water every day. Have a filtration system to keep the water clean. The tank should also be big so that the fish can have enough room to swim. Consider the quality of the water after every week.

Be careful when you are putting different types of fish along with the mandarin fish. It is not every type of fish that can live together with the mandarin fish. Examples of tank mates you should consider placing them together with the goby fish include coral beauties, clownfish, small damselfish, and firefish. After following all the strategies used on this interesting blog post, you will not have any challenges looking after your fish.